Flea Collars for Dogs

SOBAKEN Natural Flea and Tick Prevention Collar for Large, Medium and Small Dogs, 25 inch, Waterproof, 8 Month Protection - 1 Pack
SOBAKEN Natural Flea and Tick Prevention Collar for Large, Medium and Small Dogs, 25 inch, Waterproof, 8 Month Protection - 1 Pack
SOBAKEN Natural Flea and Tick Prevention Collar for Large, Medium and Small Dogs, 25 inch, Waterproof, 8 Month Protection - 2 Pack
SOBAKEN Natural Flea and Tick Prevention Collar for Large, Medium and Small Dogs, 25 inch, Waterproof, 8 Month Protection - 2 Pack
SABAKEN Calming Chews for Dogs
SABAKEN Calming Chews for Dogs

Dog Flea & Tick Collars

Blood-sucking parasites give the dog a lot of discomfort, causing it to comb, and carry a variety of dangerous diseases. Today, there are many ways to stop fleas and ticks disturbing the animal effortlessly. Shampoos, sprays, wipes impregnated with a special compound, oral medications and solutions for removing flea and tick stings from the skin are sold in every veterinary pharmacy. But the most successful solution would be a collar that will help remove parasites and prevent their reappearance convenient and safe for the dog.

Moreover, it does not require water or a comb. To apply it, you do not need to fight with an energetic pet, forcing it to stand still. It is not necessary to unclench the animal’s teeth and force it to swallow pills that kill fleas and ticks. The collar is convenient; it’s easy to put it on, does not irritate the sharp scent of the pet with pungent odors. Eight month warranty.

It is a plastic flexible strap that wraps around the animal’s neck like a habitual collar. The active saturation substance gets on the hair. Fleas keep move under the coat and fall under the accessory’s influence at least once a day, followed by their death. In a week, all parasites die and they are not return until the effective work of the natural substances is over.

And when it expires, simply replace the old collar with a new one. Dangerous blood-sucking insects, fleas and ticks won’t bite your animal, and you and your pet will be able to enjoy games and walks in nature. 

How does Sobaken collar work?

The collar looks like the most ordinary strip of flexible plastic, if you put it on the dog’s neck and snap a convenient buckle, the agent contained in the plastic base will slowly soak into the coat and spread over the animal’s skin. When this happens, the fleas and ticks will be affected by the active ingredients of the product. And the parasites will not attack your pet. Thus, it is an effective way to exterminate fleas and ticks and also an effective remedy for prevention.

The protection will not lose its strength either, even if the animal gets wet in the pouring rain, gets dirty or swims in the pond.  It is impossible to wash off or erase the substance because of its water-repellent properties. The warranty is as long as indicated in the instructions, regardless of the operating conditions and the pet character.

Why pet parents choose Sobaken flea collars for their dogs?

Every dog owner is fond of his faithful friend and strives to get the best flea collar for dog. One may have important questions – will a substance aimed at eliminating fleas have a negative effect on the leather of pets, such as itching or vomit?

The right choice is to purchase anti-flea remedies from reliable manufacturers who care about pet health. Sobaken is a brand that is highly rated among most animal owners. It produces dog tick and flea collars that are safe for animal life.

Reasons for this:

  • Sobaken collars really work; their formula leaves no chance for fleas and ticks.
  • They are economical: 8 month warranty.  
  • They are non-toxic, safe for 3 month old puppies and small dogs.
  • They are comfortable. Put a collar on your pet and avoid fleas and ticks.
  • Purchase a product, get a quality product and do a good deed – we transfer $ 3 from the purchase to animal rescue organizations.
  • accessory does not provokes allergic reaction.
  • the saturation include natural substances.
  • effectiveness doesn’t change after bathing.

Safe flea and tick collars for puppies and adult animals

We care about the health of our four-legged clients and carefully monitor that the ingredients of the active mixtures are safe for puppies and adult dogs. The collars provide a natural, not chemical, barrier to fleas and ticks, contain no harmful substances, and therefore are recommended by veterinarians for use as soon as your little friend is 3 months old.

After contact with our products for the destruction of blood-sucking insects, dogs do not show signs of deterioration. They do not have itching, skin irritation, vomiting and other unpleasant symptoms. But animals, like people, can have allergic reactions, so follow the behavior of the animal for some time after using the collar and make sure that it feels comfortable. Do it only at first. Later, after changing expired products, you will be sure your pet will wear it without problems.

Sobaken flea collar for puppy is absolutely safe for dog. If you have two puppies or kittens living in a private house who drag each other by the collar during active playing, it won’t harm them. You can put flea collar on puppy from two months.

The natural substances that the saturation of the Sobaken brand products contains won’t harn sick and pregnant dogs and won’t cause any side effects.

What is best flea and tick collar for dogs?

There are three main types of collars that ticks and fleas are afraid of. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Ultrasonic type scare away dangerous insects emitting sounds at a high frequency while walking. However, their effectiveness is doubtful by many people.

Insecticide type can kill fleas and ticks, inhibit larval development, and are durable. However, they can be unsafe for the dog itself, especially if you have two animals at home, which often bite each other.

Repellant dog flea and tick collars Sobaken are as safe as possible. Essential oils and herbal extracts not chemical components are used to repel ticks and fleas without harm. If you are concerned about the safety of your pet, this is the best choice.

Besides, the use of this product demonstrates the highest efficiency. This is confirmed by the numerous positive reviews of pet owners who were able to remove fleas and other blood-sucking insects from the animal once and forever, and the recommendations of veterinarians who respond favorably to it.

If you can’t decide on your own, check with your veterinarian about which collar is best for your pet.

Sobaken – best choice of safe and natural collar for your dog

It’s very important to care of the health of dogs and unacceptable to expose an animal to the danger of extermination of fleas and ticks. That is why our brand collars are without chemical insecticides. We use natural mixtures for cleaning the animal’s hair from harmful insects. They are safe for animals, but at the same time effective against various arthropods.

The scents of peppermint oil, clove and citronella will keep fleas and ticks away from your dog, but won’t make your dog feel ill, irritate its skin or nauseate it. Let your caudate pets wearing our  collars play and run gaily without being distracted by itching, and let ticks, fleas and dangerous diseases that they carry from one animal to another (for example, ehrlichiosis) don’t disturb your pets! From now on, each of your dogs will be protected.

FAQ about Flea & Tick Collars for Dogs

Are dog flea collars safe?
Yes, there is no reason to doubt the safety of a flea collar for a dog or a puppy. Even if a curious animal manages to chew the collar, nothing terrible will happen to it. Only blood-sucking insects, fleas and ticks, will suffer. It is important to use the product according to the instructions: if it says that the flea and tick collar is for a dog of a certain weight or size, follow this rule.
What is Sobaken?
This is a brand that makes flea collars for dogs of all breeds, sizes and behaviors. Great Danes, baby Yorkies, pedigree dogs and yard mongrel pets, puppies, animals in the prime of life and pregnant dogs – It’s easy for all of them to get rid of ticks and other dangerous biting insects.
Do flea and tick collars actually work?
Undoubtedly! They are designed to rid dogs of harmful insects, and they cope successfully with their task. There are collars targeting adult parasites, while others will destroy newly born fleas. Anyway you can choose exactly a collar option that will best help rid your dog of ticks and fleas.
Do vets recommend flea collars?
Veterinarians believe that the prevention of fleas and ticks, as well as the timely release of a dog, if it has already infected, is important, because it prevents the spread of dangerous infections by insects. In addition, many experts consider similar thing to be more effective against fleas and ticks than pills and sprays. They are easy to apply; they do not create stresses for animals and work for a long time. Veterinarians not only approve of the use of a flea collar for dogs of all sizes and ages, but also recommend it.
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