Flea & Tick Collars For Cats

Cat Flea & Tick Collars

Even if your cat does not have the habit of walking outside, this does not mean that it will never be attacked by fleas. Small parasites, which are sometimes difficult to see in the fur of an animal, can get on its body as the pet jumps out into the porch for a minute, or during a visit to the veterinary clinic, and sometimes pest larvae can get into the house on your shoes.

The same thing is with ticks: they travel on birds and human clothes, find themselves in the most unexpected places and find access to our pets. Bites of blood-sucking insects not only cause discomfort to cats, but they cause caudate pets to itch, often they have bloody wounds that can become inflamed and fester. But that’s not all!

Moving from one animal to another, pests carry diseases that can be deadly for four-legged animals, and some for people. Fortunately, it is elementary easy to solve the problem if there is a flea and tick collar for cats.

How does flea collar for cats work?

Our anti-parasite collars are narrow, flexible bands of plastic that contain substances that are harmful to the central nervous system of ticks, fleas and larvae, but are safe for mammals.

All you need is to measure the required length of the cat flea collars with a small margin (if the animal is still growing). Then, fix the item so that it doesn’t squeeze the skin. When the accessory is on the cat’s neck, you can forget about the problems for 8 months – over this period, the natural flea and tick collar provides a great effect.

As soon as you fasten the product around the cat’s neck, the active substances contained in the plastic base will be released and begin to soak the hair, as well as spread over the skin. At the same time, the animal will lead its usual way of life without experiencing discomfort, and you will be able to pet it and take it in your arms without fear. But ticks, fleas, lice, their larvae and young individuals will get hit.

At the same time, parasites waiting for their victim in the grass and on the ground would prefer not to deal with a cat in such a collar. The smell that the plastic base will exhale will be a warning for them: it’s better not to meddle here! Day and night, seven days a week, for 8 months, the product will keep ticks, fleas and related blood-sucking insects away from your pet.

What is best flea collar for cats?

Of course, among the whole variety of products from blood-sucking insects for pets, your choice should be on the Sobaken brand!

 Judge for yourself:

  • It cares about the health of animals. The cat flea collar is suitable for all breeds of cats and even kittens from 3 months.
  • Its updated formula is more powerful and can provide better flea and tick protection than previous versions.
  • Its effect will not be weakened if the pet gets caught in the rain or sprinklers on the lawn.
  • The size is adjustable according to the size of the animal right on it!

Safe cat flea collars – a guarantee of pet health

Not only do ticks and other pests deprive cats of restful sleep, prevent them from enjoying a comfortable life during the day, leave bite marks on the body, give the hair an untidy look and infect pets with serious diseases, they often settle in the house and from time to time can cause inconvenience to a person by attacking on his feet. Get rid of uninvited guests! However, it is important to drive out or kill fleas and ticks in such a way that does not harm the health of the cat and its owners.

Flea collars for kittens and cats Sobaken fully meet this condition. The nature and concentration of the components that we use to incorporate into the plastic matrix are such that there is no risk of poisoning anyone other than ticks, fleas and their larvae.

The accessories are perfect for permanent wear. However, there are a number of contraindications that can make you choose a less aggressive anti-parasites protection means. If you have a pregnant or nursing cat that requires protection, choose other means to kill fleas and ticks. These may be drops or tablets with natural contents.

We recommend:

  • washing your hands after you put the product on the cat,
  • if you use it for the first time, look after the condition of the pet for a while.

No other precautions need to be taken. Using the collar, you can clean easily and without risk thick hair of your caudate pet and your home from fleas and ticks.

To avoid negative consequences, consult with your veterinarian. In most cases, the natural tick and flea collar for kitten is suitable for animals older than 8 weeks. In this age, cats’ immune system is much stronger, so the collar won’t have any negative impacts. Keep in mind that the kitten will grow, so the accessory must be long enough for the older cat as well.

Sobaken – best choice of safe and natural flea collars for cats

The main principles in the production of collars from blood-sucking insects are taking care of the health of animals and providing the best conditions for customers.

Let’s solve the first problem:

  • Using of natural ingredients against ticks and other pests instead of chemical insecticides;
  • Careful dosage of active ingredients;
  • Accounting for the physiological characteristics of animals;
  • Strict quality control;
  • Clear instructions in the package with a flea and tick collar, leaving no chance to do anything wrong.

It is really important for us to provide your cat with easy and safe protection against fleas and ticks.

We also make sure that the process of buying our products is as convenient as possible. You can order delivery to your locality if there is no opportunity or desire to visit the store. We will deliver a flea and tick collar or other item of your choice right to the door of your house. In addition, you do not need to make a new order every time! Use the automatic delivery function to receive the goods by a certain date.

On SobakenPets.net you will find the best models of cat flea collar for pets over 8 months. The natural products will become a secure protection for the pet from ticks and other parasites. Choose a bio model that is acting for maintaining health. The accessories are suitable for a kitten or an adult cat. Thus, you will provide the utmost care for your pet.

FAQ about Flea & Tick Collars for Cats

Are Cat flea collars safe?
Yes, they are. The product is completely safe for the animal if you comply with some simple conditions. Buy only certified cat flea collars on the official website and refrain from buying from unverified suppliers, as there are now more cases of fakes that have a detrimental effect to the health of the pet. Look after your pet’s well-being when putting on a flea and tick product for the first time: occasionally, animals can show allergic reactions even to natural ingredients. Make sure the flea collar fits your cat, especially if it is still young and growing.
What is Sobaken?
Sobaken is a brand that manufactures quality tick and flea collars for cats. Each pet will be able to acquire an accessory that will get rid it of bites and itching, will not cause inconvenience and will look stylish. We offer the best pet products of high quality and efficiency, tested by hundreds of our customers, at favourable prices, as our principles are sincere love for pets and absolute intolerance towards blood-sucking insects.
Do tick collars work for cats?
Not all flea and tick collars are equally effective against blood-sucking insects. Some are too weak to harm pests; others are dangerous to pets. But this does not apply to Sobaken brands! They act effectively, quickly and without side effects, which is confirmed by the numerous positive reviews of satisfied pet owners and recommendations from veterinarians. Ticks and fleas in a short time after the start of using the product stop attacking the cat, and the animal becomes energetic and playful.
Do vets recommend flea collars for cats?
As an effective means of destroying parasites and preventing diseases they carry, flea and tick collars are recommended by veterinarians. They call them more effective than sprays and oral medications. Instructions for using are extremely easy and do not require preliminary preparation, the efficiency is high, and the time of beneficial effects is long. At the same time, the natural remedy is completely safe for the health of the animal and cannot cause any harm, which cannot be said about other products from blood-sucking insects. Flea & tick collar for cats can be purchased without a prescription, but you can always consult your veterinarian if you wish.

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