Natural Flea & Tick Collars

Effective and safe for your pet.

Natural Flea & Tick CollarsEffective and safe for your pet.

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Our animal shelter

We understand how vulnerable homeless animals are. And we can’t ignore those who need our care the most. Therefore, company actively cooperates with the animal shelter in Walnut. We donate $3 from every Sobaken flea and tick collar sold. Join us in our initiative and see how your life will change. Who else but we can help animals to be protected and healthy, so let them live happy and sane life! Donate!
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What people say about us

Long lasting effect! Keeping your kitty healthy and flea prevented! Choose the best based on the honest reviews and active ingredients!

My dog loves running on the grass so we often find fleas on it. Last time I bought this cute Sobaken collar and very soon the dog stopped itching. We don’t take the collar off and now I don’t worry about the parasites outside the house.

I chose Sobaken flea and tick collar because my cat is prone to allergies and this collar is natural and completely safe. I remember with horror those times when my little baby had skin problems while using chemical collars. But now everything is perfect. No itching, no wounds. I love this collar!

Earlier we almost lost out dog after it was bitten by a tick. Long treatment and recovery period convinced me that it was necessary to protect my pet against parasites it can meet on the yard. So I bought Sobaken flea and tick collar that is the best prevention for dogs I’ve ever met.

I was surprised when I saw that my house cat had fleas. How? Where? It doesn’t go outside at all! My poor cat was itching all the time so I had to bring it to the vet. He advised me Sobaken flea and tick collar because of its natural composition that won’t harm both the cat and my little son who plays and sleeps with it. Now the problem is solved!

I have 2 cats, both indoor 100% of the time, for the past week or so they both have been clawing, and on 1 we removed 20 fleas at once, I got these collars and immediately put them on them and overnight.. no more scratching, and they haven’t scratched since.. its almost magical, so.. I reccomend vehemently!

Who we are and what we are doing?

Who we are and what
we are doing?

    Going for a walk is very important for dogs but there are so many dangers outside: parasites, ticks, fleas can harm your pet and lead to illnesses. Our collars are perfect for any animals, even if they don’t leave the house. Natural components are safe and efficient both for cats and dogs. Oil-based formula repels fleas for long period of time so you don’t need to change the collar very often.
Sobaken flea and tick collar is the best prevention for your pet and here’s why:
• does not cause irritation;
• does not lead to baldness;
• has long-term effect.
When you get a pet, you take on full responsibility for its life. So let your pet grow healthy and full of energy!
Choosing Sobaken flea and tick prevention for dogs and cats you’ll definitely make the right decision!

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