How to take care about small kitten to grow it healthy and strong?

How to take care about small kitten to grow it healthy and strong?


Having decided to take a kitten to a house, some people think that this is enough. But in reality, you need to carefully learn how to raise a kitten. In the first months of its life, a little flufball resembles a child. It needs your attention and constant care. They are essential for the kitten to be healthy and feel comfortable.

What is necessary to buy before the appearance of a kitten?

Before the appearance of a kitty in your house, you have to prepare everything it will need. To keep a purr isn’t expensive, so go ahead and buy such necessary things:

  • filler tray;
  • two bowls for water and food;
  • bed for sleeping;
  • toys;
  • hygiene items;
  • scratching post;
  • carrying cage.

Every pet has natural needs, so it’s necessary to organize an individual place with a toilet. Now there are closed and open litter boxes in the market. The first option is quite expensive, but good for hygiene, as it doesn’t let in unpleasant odors. Open litter boxes are very popular. You can fill them with unscented, clumping litter. Toilets are inexpensive, so most cat owners can afford them.

In addition, many people ask how to raise a kitten indoors. This is a very reasonable question kittens how to raise, because besides the catering and toileting, cats need leisure, during which they can explore the new environment. The age doesn’t matter – an adult cat or a pet aged from a week to a month. To keep the sofa or wallpapers intact, it’s important to buy a scratching post. Toys for a kitten to play with are also a great idea. They will protect the interior and owner’s hands from the claws and teeth.

Extra important is to purchase a box for a kitten. It’s a necessary thing for every flufball. It will have a great time there.  Often the owners are knocked down looking for the pet, while it’s quietly sleeping in its box.


How to behave with a kitten

After the purring lump has appeared at your house, it’s important to surround it with love and care. A lot of attention should be paid to the feeding. You need to choose the right diet according to the veterinarian’s tip. Besides the bowl for food, it’s worth putting the dish with water. You should change the water regularly.

To stay healthy, every cat requires care. First, take your pet to the veterinarian for examination and vaccination. In the future, it’s better to listen to the specialist’s recommendations in order to prevent a variety of diseases. Also, a vet can help with fleas and other parasites. Secondly, you need to trim the kitten’s nails regularly and brush it with a special brush. It’s also important to bathe your cat once in a few weeks.

If you don’t know how to raise a kitten to be nice, well, it’s not so difficult. It’s necessary not only to feed it, but also treat it with love and affection. A small kitty should always feel welcome.

Often the beginners have questions, how to pet kittens. You need to pet it with your fingertips, without pressing or allowing sudden movements. Start with a massage of the ears and head, gradually moving lower and lower. Further, the pet will begin to purr, endowing the owner with calmness. Satisfied cats love when the owners pet their muzzle, cheeks or neck.

Education should be started immediately after the appearance of the kitten in your house. First of all, come up with a concise name for it. Then it’s necessary to organize a sleeping place in a room, where the kitty will spend a lot of time. As soon as the animal gets used to it, you need to show the places where it shouldn’t go.

In the training process you must be patient and the efforts will be fully rewarded. Most people neglect advice and make a great mistake. A full-fledged development of a pet is very necessary.

Thus, the above tips will answer the question, how to care for a new kitten. In fact, these points don’t differ from the recommendations given to the request on how to bring up a kitten. The main thing is to make the kitten happy.

How to wean a kitten from bad habits

Before getting a purring pet, people often ask how to raise a good kitten. Throughout its life, a cat develops bad habits that may not change with age. But this is not only the fault of the street or the former owners, but also the current owner, since he doesn’t take part in the upbringing.

Changing the habits of an adult cat is quite difficult, you need to start doing it until the pet is one year old. It will grow allowing you to adjust its behavior. In addition to learning the cat to go to the tray when needed, you’ll have to wean it from scattering litter.  To do this, restrict access or say “No” in a loud voice. The louder the voice, the more scared the cat will be.

Many owners don’t like when the cat climbs the table. You can wean it from this habit not only with the help of loud shouts but also with citrus fragrance. Cats don’t love the smell of lemon or orange. You can also wean the pet from scratching the wallpapers. Just bring home the scratching post and show the cat how to use it: gently scratch it with your nails and the pet will understand what to do.

Summing up, we must note that before the appearance of a pet in your house, you need to purchase items for its and your comfort. Throughout its life, closely monitor its health and nutrition. The kitten loves affection, care and tenderness, so don’t skimp on warm feelings.


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